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Hello, fellow Democrats! My name is Michael Weiss, I am the President of the Red Rock Democratic Club, an At-Large Member of the Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Board, and I am seeking to become the next 1st Vice Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, I have taught sociology and criminology at the college level, and I currently work as a Software Engineer. Growing up, I excelled academically, but struggled with social interactions, which made me an easy target for bullying. I received various diagnoses throughout my life, finally being correctly diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when I was 27. I feel that being on the autism spectrum has given me a unique appreciation for the pain of those that have been taken advantage of and for whom the system isn't working. It has also given me ample practice for standing up to bullies.

In less than 30 days, our state and our country will decide whether we remain a representative democracy or transition to a fascist state. It is critical, in these final days, for our county party to have leaders with the skills, experience, passion, and dedication necessary to keep Nevada blue.

The 1st Vice Chair is the CCDP’s Political Director and chair of the Political Organizing Committee. Over the last 4 years, I have developed rapport with many of our elected officials and fellow party leaders, which I believe will be highly beneficial in developing and executing our GOTV efforts, increase participation within our party, and, ultimately, help us achieve our primary goal of electing Democrats.

This year, as President of Red Rock Dems, I was able to utilize my IT skills to successfully move our club operations online. We were able to continue hosting candidate forums and information sessions on topics of interest to Democrats. We had the honor of collaborating with 16 of our fellow Democratic clubs, caucuses, and organizations to host two forums on this year's two special sessions with 14 state assembly members and senators as panelists. We also reached an all time high of over 200 members, gave over $12,000 to Democratic candidates, and raised over $10,000 in our first ever virtual fundraiser.

In the short term, my primary goal is to assist our Democratic candidates with their campaigns and help get them elected to every office. Beyond this election, I hope to work with other CCDP e-board members to bring about some much needed procedural and structural changes particularly as they relate to the dissemination of information to our constituents and increasing participation on the Clark County Central Committee and other volunteer opportunities. I hope to work in conjunction with the 3rd Vice Chair to harmonize the intrinsic, but often neglected relationship between the Clubs and Caucus and Commission Representatives. For our party to operate effectively, it is essential that robust political organizing be paired with robust community outreach.

Finally, to successfully elect Democrats this year and beyond, our party must be transparent and operate with integrity. I believe that I have the character and values needed to build and maintain trust with our Democratic constituents and ensure that the voices of all Democrats have the opportunity to be heard.

I’m Michael Weiss, I approve this message, and I hope to earn your vote.