College Tuition

Several decades ago, individuals were able to get good paying jobs and be the sole providers for their families without much education. Those days are long gone. Today, a college education is not only a nicety for a good paying job, it is a necessity.


Anyone who wants to go to college should have the opportunity to do so and not have to worry about the financial burden of tuition.  There is no reason that Americans should ever be punished financially for pursuing an education.  If we are to compete on a global scale, America requires the best educated workforce possible in areas such as technology, engineering, medicine, and education. It is essential that we invest in all levels of education, not just K-12 which also needs improvement, but also in post secondary vocational training and college.


I support the College for All Act. We already have the money to fund this act based on our taxation system. We could send everybody to college right now if we wanted to do so by mandating that the top 1% of the rich and large corporations pay their fair share of taxes, which they have been dodging for decades. Democrats and Republicans have to agree to remove money from politics and stop taking contributions from companies that are making profits from student loans.


Without free public vocational and college education, we are preventing lower and middle class families from sending their children to college. This is a form of de facto segregation.  If students meet the admission criteria, they should be able to go to college. This does not mean lowering  admission standards or standards of academic progress.  The College for All Act would give everyone the opportunity to go to college or vocational school for free; it does not guarantee a college degree.


President Obama said as a nation, we must help everyone pull themselves up by their  bootstraps even if they  don't have any boots. I contend that we're taking people's boots away from them and setting them on fire when we don’t give them access to college. We are making it more difficult now for generations to improve their standard of living by preventing middle and lower class families access to higher education.  Our society requires advanced degrees and training for most jobs. In many instances, there are no applicants that meet all the qualifications. The tech industry is stagnant for that very reason. The same thing is true with medicine.


Finally, many Americans are heavily in debt because of student loans. Following Bernie Sanders’ lead, I agree that everyone who is in debt from student loans should have the opportunity to refinance at the lowest interest rate possible, and over time, that loan should be forgiven; no one should be in debt for 30-40 years.  Nobody should ever be punished for pursuing an education.