Common Sense Gun Control

The NRA has done whatever it takes to protect the interests of the gun industry at the cost of human lives. Their sinister nature has been exemplified in their apologists’ demonization of the Parkland, FL school shooting survivors. These students, heroes like David Hogg and Ema Gonzales, are refusing to back down. They aren't afraid of the NRA, and we shouldn’t be either.


Common sense gun control can begin with a very simple change in federal law for which there is little controversy among the general public - banning the sale of assault weapons and instituting a buyback program for those that currently have them.  Data from before and after the implementation of the now expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that a ban on such weapons would reduce gun related fatalities.

Common sense gun control does NOT mean abridgment of Second Amendment rights.  It involves respecting the right of United States citizens to keep and bare arms while providing protections to ensure that innocent lives are not lost.  In 2016, Nevadans voted in favor of Question 1 - requiring background checks for purchasers and closing loopholes in gun shows and internet sales. Contrary to the lies spread by the National Rifle Association (NRA), none of these provisions involved taking guns away from law abiding citizens or infringing on their second amendment rights.  Nevertheless, our current Attorney General, Adam Laxalt, has refused to enforce these provisions voted affirmatively by the people of Nevada. Not surprisingly, Laxalt and many other elected officials have taken campaign donations from the NRA.

Assault weapons such as AR-15s provide no defensive purpose, and there is absolutely no justifiable need for a civilian to own one.  As your representative, I will push to reinstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban as well a promote legislation to ban the sale of bump stocks and high capacity magazines.


As a man with Asperger’s Syndrome, I take personal offence when gun-related problems in our country are written off as “mental health problems.”  Not only is this tactic designed to divert attention away from gun control, it demonizes people like myself by lumping together everyone with mental illness as dangerous.  Ironically, this tactic never leads to government investment in mental health treatment or research. The scapegoating and stigmatizing of individuals with mental illness is odious and unacceptable and must cease immediately.


The National Student Walkout and March for Our Lives events all over this country, of which I took part in the Las Vegas protest,  has sent a clear message to our elected officials: stop taking money from the NRA and enact common sense gun control, or start cleaning out your desks.