I was born in Las Vegas, NV in 1982.  My mother is a retired professor of
education and my father is a retired dermatologist.  As such, I’ve been
exposed to the inner workings of education and medicine my entire life.  
I attended public and private schools in Las Vegas, including Advanced
Technologies Academy. I received my high school diploma from Horizon
High School, one year ahead of my class.

I always did well in school academically, but I knew I was just a little different from the other kids. I struggled with communicating and interacting with my peers. My parents sought help for me, but it would not be until my late 20’s that I was correctly diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (now known as Autism Spectrum Disorder).

While I had a passion for information technology at a very young age, I didn’t make a career out of it until later in my life. Instead, I studied sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, earning my Bachelor’s degree in 2004. Following graduation, I moved to South Florida after the University of Miami offered me a full graduate scholarship. I earned my Master’s degree in 2006, specializing in criminology and medical sociology.  My thesis focused on drug use among adolescents.  For the next four years, I did research on the health behaviors of individuals who use illicit drugs – heroin users in particular.  Portions of my work were published in the Journal of Drug Issues.  I also taught criminal justice and sociological theory to undergraduates at the University of Miami.  It seemed that I was on track to follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a university professor.  However in 2010, I decided a career change was in order and revisited my childhood passion – computers.


I enrolled in Palm Beach State College and graduated magna cum laude with an Associate of Science in computer programming in 2012.  Immediately following graduation I was offered a job as a Database Administrator. I decided to return to Las Vegas to be closer to my family in January 2016. I currently work online as a Reports Developer.


My first formal involvement in politics was in 2008 as a volunteer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  After returning to Las Vegas in 2016, I was very inspired by Bernie Sanders and volunteered for his campaign.  I served as a precinct captain during the Democratic Caucus, as a delegate to the Clark County Democratic Convention, and as a delegate to the Nevada State Democratic Convention.  Although I was saddened when Sanders did not receive the nomination, I voted for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Meet Michael Weiss
Fighting for Nevada, Fighting for You 

As a millennial Democrat, I recognize the need for my generation to contribute to the betterment of this country. It is time for members of my generation to have our voices heard and respected in Washington DC.  Thanks to the efforts of millennials and our allies, progressive movements have sprung up all across the country and “non-traditional” candidates are seeking public office with the goal of bringing about progressive change.  By studying sociology for over ten years I have insight into the problems that plague our society such as socioeconomic inequality, disparities in health outcomes, institutionalized discrimination, unequal access to education, and corruption in politics. Implementing solutions to these problems require elected officials who acknowledge that these problems exist and will listen to, work with, and advocate for those impacted by these problems the most. This is the type of representative I will be.

 Can I count on your support?

Michael and Michelle on Water Street in Henderson.

Michael speaks at Veterans' Memorial  Park in Boulder City.

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